King Lear

日期︰2017.4.21 (五) - 22 (六)
主辦︰Faust International Ltd.
類別︰香港 » 音樂 » 本地演出 ( 西樂、歌劇 )

When Lear abandons his duties to his daughters while retaining his title as King, he starts a chain of events that brings unrest and ruin to his family and kingdom. Lear’s world is turned upside down as he becomes overwhelmed by betrayal, violence and madness. These encounters with former friends and allies reveal the uglier side of power and righteousness.

William Shakespeare’s King Lear is a political and personal tragedy about the fallibility of our leaders and the importance of familial responsibility.

Faust International Limited proudly presents a tense and fast paced adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s most powerful plays.

2017-04-21 ~ 04-22 ( 7:30 PM )
2017-04-22 ( 2:30 PM )
HKD 220, 180