» HK » Music » PerformanceJazz Grooves with Syzygy

Date:2017.8.24 (T)
Venue:Fringe Dairy

Jazz grooves with SYZYGY!

SYZYGY channels iconic pop songs into jazz, bossa nova, Swing, samba and other snazzy grooves. Playing instantly recognisable songs, SYZYGY is unique in Hong Kong, catering to a diverse range in tastes, genres and generations. Come along for a chilled evening of music – from Lady Antebellum to Lorde, The Beatles to Beyoncé, Michael Jackson to Madonna, One Direction to Rihanna. Great for listening, grooving or simply watching!

Location / Time / Price
2017-08-24 ( 9:30 PM )
HKD 165 (預購 in advance)
HKD 165 (藝穗會會員 Fringe members)
HKD 185 (即日門票 on the day)
包一杯飲品 includes one standard drink