» HK » Music » PerformanceMy Dearest - Clara Tsang Cello RecitalHong Kong Cellist Society

Date:2017.8.17 (T)
Venue:Fringe Dairy

“Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you illumined freedom”- Rabindranath Tagore

“My Dearest” is an expression of the deepest and most sincere feeling we have towards others and towards things. It symbolises all aspects of love, such as trust, sharing, participation, comfort and even pain. At the same time, it brings out the joys and the pains in life as we create many kinds of memories, be they sweet or tormented, elated or despondent. It is only because of this innermost feeling that we can be said to be truly alive.

Hong Kong cellist Clara Tsang has always stayed true to her passion for presenting music as a reflection of Life. The “Forever Red Project” has always been based on Life as a theme for contemplation, interpretation and exploration. Her new program this year, “My Dearest”, invites the audience to step into their innermost souls and awaken their most precious memories. We go in search of the painful and sweet traces of our pasts, awaken from the peace, and are filled with love and hope to continue on our journey that we call Life.

Production / Artist
Location / Time / Price
2017-08-17 ( 8:00 PM )
HKD 220 (預購 in advance)
HKD 220 (藝穗會會員 Fringe members)
HKD 220 (香港大提琴家協會會員 Hong Kong Cellist Society members)
HKD 250 (即日門票 On the day)
 包一杯飲品 includes one standard drink