Hong Kong Stories Live Show - Unplugged

日期︰2017.9.29 (五)
類別︰香港 » 其他 » 本地演出

True stories, told live without notes.

Welcome to Hong Kong Stories Monthly Live Show!

Have you ever wanted to get off the grid, to just get away from it all? Or have you found yourself stranded in a desolate place or at a family dinner with no internet? Have you experienced a technical malfunction at a crucial moment? Or been cut off at just the wrong time? Maybe you have just found yourself disconnected?

Our shows are a collection of true stories told before a live audience. Every show is a journey from mildly embarrassing anecdotes to life changing tragedies. It's always a hilarious, heart warming human experience.

Hong Kong Stories is a not for profit society dedicated to the art of storytelling. Join us on Facebook. Better than comedy. Better then drama. It's real life.


*節目時間長度:2小時 (中場休息15分鐘)

Presented byJannita
Performers9 – 10 HKS performers
2017-09-29 ( 8:00 PM )
HKD 120
HKD 96 (藝穗會會員 Fringe Club Members)