日期︰2015.5.6 (三) - 10 (日)
地點︰上環文娛中心 (香港話劇團黑盒劇場)
製作︰Tony Penny
類別︰香港 » 戲劇、音樂 » 本地演出 ( 音樂劇 )

The groundbreaking musical "Assassins" by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman investigates the personalities of nine men and women who killed or attempted to kill eight US Presidents.

These Presidential assassins are never glorified or celebrated, but presented by Sondheim and Weidman as an exploration of how and why each of these outsiders stopped and altered history.

The show is entertaining yet thought-provoking, and at times hilarious, jolting and heart-wrenching, as the history of these men and women unfurls across (and often without regard to) time.

上環文娛中心 (香港話劇團黑盒劇場)
2015-05-07 ~ 05-09 ( 8:00 PM )
2015-05-10 ( 3:00 PM )
HKD 250
上環文娛中心 (香港話劇團黑盒劇場)
2015-05-06 ( 8:00 PM )
HKD 200