日期︰2013.10.30 (三) - 11.2 (六)
地點︰香港話劇團 (黑盒劇場)
製作︰Aurora Theatre
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

Bittergirl charts the break-ups of three women-one single and dating, one co-habiting, one married with a child. This trio of Women Scorned experience heartbreak, hilarity, fairy-tales gone wrong, wine, cops, love, honour, car-keying, repeated viewings of An Affair To Remember, fake spleenectomies, and meetings of Breakups Anonymous.

And then there are the men! The ones who want to alphabetize your CDs, the ones who give you shoelaces for your birthday. See the bittergirls list all of those things you should have told him the truth about. See Barbie and Ken break up! Laugh very hard.

As well as break-ups, Bittergirl is a comedy about our identity in and outside of the romantic relationships we forge for ourselves. As the three female characters learn to survive the break-ups with their three "men" (in our version, all the male roles are played by one very brave actor) and create new identifies as strong, independent, single women, we can't help but see our own stories, so when we laugh, we laugh at ourselves, and when we cry, we cry for ourselves. And that can feel pretty damn good!

香港話劇團 (黑盒劇場)
2013-10-30 ~ 11-02 | 8 pm
2013-11-02 | 3 pm
HK$ 230