Hänsel & Gretel

日期︰2012.4.20 (五) - 22 (日)
地點︰香港藝術中心 (麥高利小劇場)
製作︰Gingerbread Theatre
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

Wrap up warm, pack your picnic, and prepare to explore the deep dark heart of the forest as this wonderful classic tale is re-imagined full of madcap music and comical characters.

It’s the middle of winter; everything is in short supply and Hansel and Gretel travel far into the forbidden forest in search of food.  Come and get lost with them where the shadows behind every tree hold surprises, secrets, and most importantly Sweeties.

香港藝術中心 (麥高利小劇場)
2012-04-20 ~ 04-22 | 4:30 pm
2012-04-21 ~ 04-22 | 11 am;2:30 pm
HK$250, 220*