Les Pas Perdus - Grand Central, Adieu!

日期︰2012.5.23 (三) - 26 (六)
地點︰香港話劇團 (黑盒劇場)
製作︰Hong Kong Theatre Association
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

Grand central, Adieu! is a delightful pot-pourri of those small moments of life when parting from someone. The scenes at the main train station of a large city vary from everyday incidents to momentous crises; from simple chats about work to flaming confessions of love and painful memories of war.

香港話劇團 (黑盒劇場)
2012-05-23 ~ 05-26 | 8 pm
2012-05-26 | 2:45 pm
HK$ 240, 200*, 180*