Le Diner de Cons - The Dinner Game

日期︰2012.11.28 (三) - 12.1 (六)
地點︰香港話劇團 (黑盒劇場)
製作︰Hong Kong Theatre Association
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

Pierre Brochant, a Parisian publisher, attends a weekly "idiots' dinner", where guests, who are prominent Parisian businessmen, must bring along an "idiot" who the other guests can ridicule. At the end of the dinner, the evening's champion idiot is selected.

香港話劇團 (黑盒劇場)
2012-11-28 ~ 12-01 | 8 pm
2012-12-01 | 2:45 pm
HK$ 240, 200*, 180*