The Snow Queen

日期︰2012.12.13 (四) - 16 (日)
地點︰香港藝術中心 (麥高利小劇場)
製作︰Faust International Youth Theatre
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

Based on Hans Christian Andersen classic tale, The Snow Queen tells the epic story of a young girl’s strength and courage in the face of overwhelming odds…

When Kay is bewitched by the Snow Queen he not only loses sight of those he loves but all that is good in the world. Only Gerda, his dearest friend, believes that Kay is still able to be saved and she sets out on an incredible adventure to find Kay and return him home to his friends and family.

香港藝術中心 (麥高利小劇場)
2012-12-13 ~ 12-15 | 7:30 pm
2012-12-15 ~ 12-16 | 3 pm
2012-12-16 | 11 am
HK$ 200, 150*