Moulin Rouge District (Quartier Pigalle)

日期︰2009.6.24 (三) - 27 (六)
地點︰藝穗會 (劇院)
製作︰Hong Kong Theatre Association Ltd
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

A powerful and sparkling dark comedy about an eclectic group of characters, drowning in their meaningless lives. Come and meet French Cancan dnacers, drug addicts, a lonely clown, powerless homeless women, prostitutes and angry men. For all of them, life seems to have no "spice" until suddenly, one day, something intriguing happens. Everyone finally realises that life has prepared some exciting surprises for them.

藝穗會 (劇院)
2009-06-24 ~ 06-27 | 7:45 pm
HK$ 160, 130*