日期︰2009.9.15 (二) - 19 (六)
地點︰香港藝術中心 (壽臣劇院)
製作︰Hong Kong Players
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出

It tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vienna's court composer, Antonio Salieri, who, overcome with jealousy at hearing the "voice of God" coming from an "obscene child", sets out to destroy his nemesis.

主辦Hong Kong Players
製作Hong Kong Players
DirectorIan Pratley
Assistant DirectorKaty Forse
ProducerGuy Russell
Assistant ProducerVanessa Lee
CastStephen Bolton, Samuel J. Craig, Stephanie Fodor, Adam Harris, Liv Kennard, Jane Archibald, Jeremy Payne, Mike Brooks, Neil Runcieman, Farha Hafsaoui, Cindy Bayne, Djaka Souari, Karly Cox, Michael Bradley, Damian Coory
Stage ManagerMichael Bradley
Deputy Stage ManagerKaty Forse
Assistant Stage ManagerKarly Cox
Set DesignerIan Pratley
Lighting DesignerAndy Burt
Sound DesignerIan Pratley
Costumes DesignerClaire Saeki
Wigs and MakeupLeena Lempinen
Props ManagerCindy Bayne
Projection DesignerPaul Sheehan
Programme DesignAdam Harris
PublicityTeri Fitsell
香港藝術中心 (壽臣劇院)
2009-09-15 ~ 09-19 | 7:30 pm
2009-09-19 | 2:30 pm
HK$ 280, 250*, 230*