Little Sweetie

日期︰2015.8.20 (四) - 21 (五)
地點︰香港藝術中心 (壽臣劇院)
類別︰香港 » 戲劇 » 本地演出
Assistant Stage Manager

The Story of Little Sweetie is one of intrigue, murder, greed and betrayal, ultimately resulting in a series of sensational courtroom battles that made, and continue to make, headlines around the world as those involved strived to gain control of a multi-bilion dollar real estate empire.

But it is also the engaging the love story of a man and a woman who were destined to be together, from their teenage courtship in 1950's Shanghai to their eventual rise to fame and celebrity as successful property tycoons in a booming Hong Kong.

It is a story loaded with drama, romance, pathos and irreverent humour as it takes a cockeyed look at Hong Kong during the British colonial era and the ongoing foibles and rampant materialism of modern-day society.

Lead ProducerNoel Quinlan
ComposerNoel Quinlan
Book & LyricsRussell Jones
DirectorYuri Ng
Associate DirectorDavid Liu
Associate Music DirectorDavid Quah
CastDavid Quah, Jovita Leung, Wendy Mok, Rick Lau, Jolie Chan, Renee Chan, Jejjie Esguerra, Ronald Lam, Rosanne Lee, James Middleton, Charles Pang
Lighting DesignerLee Chi Wai
Production ManagerTsui Tsz Yee
Costume CoordinatorGauze Lam
Stage ManagerKaren Kwong
Assistant Stage ManagerJanet Wong
Stage AssistantSuen Kwok Wah
PhotographerYvonne Chan
Light Equipment supplied by3200K Production
Sound Equipment supplied byMarsical Label
香港藝術中心 (壽臣劇院)
2015-08-20 ~ 08-21 ( 8:00 PM )