YALC Christmas Programme

Performing Star & Costume Camp 星藝營 (The Snowy Princess and the Dwarfs)Performing Star Junior 星藝幼兒掌門人Dance Super Star 飛躍舞蹈星 (Crayon Pop)Dance Super Star 飛躍舞蹈星 (Firework)Performing Star & Costume Camp 星藝營 (Super Power)

Science Kindy Camp 小小科學家(Energy Works & Discovering Plants)Ceramics-Wheel Throwing 陶藝-拉坯Rugby 欖球Science Kindy Camp 小小科學家 (Light and Sound Waves & Matters)Cooking Stormy Chefs Camp 小廚神Tennis 網球


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*Astronomer Training Camp 天文學家訓練營 (Age 6 to 8歲)

3 to 5 January 9:30-12:30 (Total 9 hours)
Training up to be a little astronomer and learning how to navigate in space with us. The camp includes the following activities 訓練參加者學習在太空中星體及行星知識,能夠成為小小天文學家。天文訓練活動包括:

A. Learn the planets in our Solar System through special interactive software and planet explorer card game 透過特別互動軟件及行星歷奇遊戲學習太陽系行星
B. Learn how to use star map to locate the constellations 利用本公司首創獨一無二的夜光星圖學習找尋星座及星系的位置
C. Build your own telescope and learn how the optics in telescope work 組合天文望遠鏡及學習望遠鏡的光學原理

Bring home material includes planet explorer card game, simple telescope, 12 inch glow-in-the-dark star map, MASA Secret File Vol 1 and Vol 2 book and learning worksheet 材料包括行星歷奇紙牌遊戲套裝、簡易望遠鏡、 12吋夜光旋轉星圖、MASA天文漫畫書第一及二冊 及學習工作紙


*Electronic Engineer Training Camp電子工程師訓練營 (Age 8-12歲)
For 27 to 29 December 9:30-12:30   (Total 9 hours)
Exploring how an electronic engineer can create energy, harvest renewable energy and design circuit. The camp includes the following activities 探索電子工程師如何產生電力、採集可再生能源及設計電路, 活動包括以下製作:

A. Create your own electricity with magnet and copper wire (Basic energy creation) 磁石及銅線產生電能 (基本產生能源原理)
B. Using paper circuit to create your own electric circuit (learn to create circuit) 紙電路製作獨特電路圖案(學習電路設計原理)
C. Build your solar power astronaut robot (solar power energy) 太陽能機械人 (學習太陽能及機械原理)
D. Construct a hand power generator to power LED (Gear combination and generator principle) 手動發電LED燈 (學習齒輪及發電機原理)
E. Integrating hand power generator and robot to create hand power robot (Learn integration engineering) 結合手動發電器及機械人成為手動機械人 (學習工程整合原理)

Bring home material includes paper circuit kit, solar robot, hand power generator and learning worksheets 材料包括紙電路套件、太陽能機械人、手動發電LED燈及學習工作紙


*Robotic Engineer Training Camp機械工程師訓練營 (Age 6-9歲)
For 27 to 29 Dec  9:30-12:30 (Total 9 hours) 
Learn how to become a little robotic engineer by constructing your own robot incorporate with sensors and programming your own robots through swiping command cards to direct the robot movement. This will develop the creativity and the STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills for camper. Campers are able to build wire-controlled robot car, IR sensitive dog robot, obstacle-free robot car, Alarmbot etc. The fee includes $1,200 take-home robot kit.

參加者透過組合機械套件和感應器,並刷動不同指令咭控制機械人的動作來體驗如何成為一位小小機械人工程師。這能發揮參加者的創意及STEM (科學、科技、工程及數學)技能的發展。參加者能組成線控機械車、紅外線感應狗、避障機械車及機械電鈴等。費用包括$1,200機械人套裝。


#Cooking Stormy Chefs Camp小廚神


Performing Star & Costume Camp星藝及服裝製作營:

Specialise in drama, music and choreography 專注於戲劇、音樂和舞
Develop communication and social skills 發展溝通和社交技能
Create theme-related costumes 自製作劇中配飾
Focus on the creative process and building confidence 啟發創作和建立自信心
Theme: The Snowy Princess and the Dwarfs主題: 白雪公主與小矮人
Join us for the fairest pantomime of them all, The Snowy Snow White and the Dwarfs. You will get to experience the magic mirror, escape from the wicked stepmother and meet the seven dwarfs and the handsome prince! 參加我們的聖誕畫劇 ,與白雪公主、英俊王子和七個小矮人体驗魔法鏡、逃離邪惡繼母的故事!
Theme: Super Power--Spider-Man and Wonder Woman主題:超級力量-蜘蛛俠和神奇女俠
The shooting of spider-webs and magic lassos are found in YALC.  Discover the super powers of Spider-Man and Wonder Woman and their ventures out to kick off a new year of 2018! 耀中語藝 基地發現蜘蛛網和魔術套索一起探索蜘蛛俠和神奇女俠的超級力量,和他們開始2018新一年的冒險!


Performing Star Junior星藝幼兒掌門人

Theme: Happy Disney New Year主題: 迪士尼開心過新年

Embrace our New Year celebration with the magic of Disney theatre! Arouse a love of learning in your little star by participating in a theatre-based journey with Mickey and Minnie, the fairy Godmother and the princes and princesses. 一起來体驗迪士尼劇場的神奇新年慶祝活動!參加米奇和米妮、仙女婆婆、王子和公主的奇幻旅程,引起小明星們對戲劇的興趣


Dance Super Star                   
Theme: ‘Lonely Christmas’, by Crayon Pop 主題: ‘Lonely Christmas’ - 韓國女子組合Crayon Pop
Learn the quirky and signature dance moves of Crayon Pop 學習韓國女子組合Crayon Pop獨特的招牌舞蹈動作
Improve their body coordination and self-esteem增強身體協調和自信心
Learn step-by-step choreography in an eye-catching outfit 穿着搶眼的服裝來學習舞蹈
Theme: ‘Firework’, by Katy Perry主題:  ‘Firework’ - Katy Perry
Ignite the light! Become a firework and show the power and strength hidden in you through dancing通過舞蹈成為燦爛的煙花,展現隱藏在你身上的強大潛能
Improve body coordination and self-esteem改善身體協調和增強自信心
Learn step-by-step choreography in an eye-catching outfit 穿着搶眼的服裝來學習舞蹈