On Tsz Kiu

On Tsz Kiu is a guitarist based in Hong Kong. He has played professionally for over ten years. As an all-around musician he had previously played many different genres like blues, rock, pop, fingerstyle guitar, etc. After he discovered jazz, he developed a strong interest in it, which helped him to advance his improvising and composing skills. These days he plays various genres of jazz, from traditional styles like bebop, bossa nova, big band, latin and gypsy jazz to contemporary jazz fusion.

He graduated as Bachelor of Arts in Music(Jazz) at Leeds College of Music from United Kingdom. He has benefited greatly from learning directly from several great guitar tutors, including Jamie Taylor and Jiannis Pavlidis. He has worked with different like-minded musicians at the college, and participated in many jam sessions and gigs. He also regularly busks with other college students around Leeds city center.

Recently he is mainly focusing on Hong Kong's Jazz scene and music education. He has been now gigging with different musician in Hong Kong.


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2018.2.23 (五)
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