Zoe Ng

Zoe Ng has got faith in music since her first music lesson in the kindergarten at age 3.

Dreaming to be a professional musician, she started to learn to play the piano and participate in school band in primary school. In secondary school, she fell in love with the expressive and colorful tone of the saxophone. Later on, she got the chance to learn classical saxophone with Mr. James Lo and started her journey of Jazz music when playing in the Brandenburg Saxophone Ensemble.

Zoe has formed a Jazz band called Feel IM with several Jazz lovers and actively participated in university music festivals. After finishing the Grade 8 ABRSM Exam in Classical Saxophone, she followed the renowned Brazilian touring Jazz saxophonist Mr. Paulo Levi and the European touring Jazz saxophonist and educationalist Prof. John Ruocco for Jazz and saxophone performance.

In 2003, she lined up with some saxophonists and formed the Upstairs Saxophone Ensemble as first alto & soprano saxophonist. In September 2009, she was invited to perform with the Funk Jazz band “McCadden Place Collective” in Kubrick and the Fringe Club. In 2010, she was invited to be the tenor saxophonist to perform with the "Renfrew Group Jazz Orchestra". In 2011, she formed the Tuesday Saxophone Quartet as Soprano and alto saxophonists. Zoe is also working on her study in jazz improvisation by following the jazz master saxophonist Jim Odgren, Allan Chase and international jazz vibraphone master player and educator Gary Burton in the specialist certificate course for improvisation in Berklee school of music .

Zoe has played in the Macau Woodwind Festival 2003, Taipei Jazz Festival 2007 and 2008, and has had rich experiences in band competitions and performances. Zoe plays the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, the clarinet, the flute, the recorder as well as the piano.

She is now working as Music Director at Zaxophone Academy. She is also a full-time saxophone/ clarinet teacher in schools, private music tutor and performer.


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Jazz Clarinet/Saxophone
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