Women in Publishing Society

Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society (WiPS) brings together a dynamic group of publishing professionals working in all fields related to writing, journalism, photography, advertising, design, public relations, electronic and print publishing, television, radio and other media.

WiPS members are women based in Hong Kong (or who have a HK connection) who are either involved in or interested in some aspect of publishing. We're writers, writers-to-be, poets, artists, illustrators, editors, proofreaders, copywriters, graphic designers, journalists, publishers, fiction or non-fiction authors or quite simply women who wish to become involved in some way with the publishing world. You do not have to be working in publishing to become part of WiPS - you just have to be interested. For more information, please visit www.hkwips.org.

We also welcome non-members, including men, to our public events and to join our Facebook group as friends of WiPS.


資料來源:Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival

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