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CCDC in Residence – "Mr Blank" Screendance Version

Co-presented by
Original Music
Sound Design
art-mate VIDEO ROOM
2021-02-01 ~ 03-18 ( 6:00 PM ) (Rental Period)
2021-03-05 ~ 03-18 ( 11:59 PM ) (Watch period)
HKD 80 (48 hour rental)


【Postponement Announcement】

To ensure that CCDC in Residence: Mr Blank Screendance Version is of the highest quality, we have postponed on-demand viewing to 5-18 March 2021 (original dates: 10-23 Feb 2021). There is no change to the schedule of our other online programme, Joyeux Noël Screendance Version (10-23 Feb 2021).

Tickets already purchased for Mr Blank Screendance Version will automatically be valid for the adjusted times. For updates of all scheduling details please refer to the latest announcement on our CCDC website and Facebook page. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and patience.

The world is like a huge film studio. Living in an era flooded by the ocean of information and camera lenses, surveillance is ubiquitous, and virtual screens are like high walls. Co-created by CCDC resident choreographer Sang Jijia and award-winning playwright Janice Poon, screendance version of Mr Blank is a dance theatre experience that boldly challenges the use of surveillance cameras in our everyday lives.

Partnering with Freespace of West Kowloon Cultural District, Mr Blank is one of the programmes of “CCDC in Residence”. The stage was set up as a confined space enclosed on all sides and recorded with multiple cameras. Dancers are filmed on-site from different angles. Audience will reflect on the myths of various surveillance and access of personal data that they face daily.

Mr Blank contains a small amount of dialogue in Cantonese without surtitles.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Booking: 01/02/2021 00:00am – 18/03/2021 06:00pm
View on demand: 05/03/2021 00:00am – 18/03/2021 11:59pm (48-hour unlimited viewing time starting from the first view or expiring on 18/03/2021 11:59pm, whichever is earlier)
Ticket: $80 ($100 Special package for “Mr Blank” and “Joyeux Noël”)


CCDC in Residence is part of West Kowloon’s commitment to long-term partnerships with local and international arts organisations. Via this residency, Freespace joins hands with CCDC in bringing a diverse range of dance experiences to audiences of all ages. 2020 marked the second of the three-year programme. “CCDC in Residence 2020” was originally scheduled to take place in December 2020 under the theme of “I/YOU LOOK AT YOU/ME” and with the intention to explore the topics of social-distancing, surveillance and privacy. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, live performances were cancelled.

CCDC is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
CCDC reserves the right to substitute artists and vary advertised programmes.

Terms & Conditions
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2. E-Tickets cannot be refunded or changed.
3. The e-Ticket is only valid for watching on the specified date and time.
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7. Vimeo (online streaming platform) is blocked in the following countries: China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Indonesia, Sudan and Syria.
* "Devices" include video tools such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, etc.

Production / Artist
Artistic Team of Mr Blank
ChoreographySang Jijia
DramaturgyJanice POON*
Original MusicDickson Dee
Video DirectionOliver SHING
Set and Lighting Design (Original)Leo CHEUNG
Set and Lighting DesignLawmanray
Costume DesignCindy HO Pui-shan
Sound DesignAnthony YEUNG
*By kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Screendance Version
Assistant Director/ EditorNGAI Pui-yin