DancePerformanceYouth Square

Ballads of the Blue GodMudra Dance Academy, Hong Kong

Concept, Choreography and Direction
2021-11-19 ( 7:00 PM ~ 8:45 PM )
HKD 150

Ballads of the Blue God - Portraying life of Krishna through dance

A dance production by Mudra Dance Academy, Hong Kong

Who is Krishna? Why is he known as the Blue God?

Mudra Dance Academy specialises in promoting Indian classical dances across Hong Kong. Mudra is the first-of- its-kind academy in Hong Kong to bring Mohiniyattam, one of the nine Indian classical dance forms that originated in Kerala, South India.

Presented by Divya and her team of 16 exemplary performers based in Hong Kong, ‘Ballads of the Blue God’ is a dance production that takes you along on a blissful journey through key episodes in Krishna’s life. The programme blends beautiful dance performances across three different dance genres from India accompanied by soulful music in five languages.


- Free seating
- Language : English and other languages

Production / Artist
Concept, Choreography and DirectionDivya Arun