All Weaves in my Heart: Patterned Bands Workshop of Hakka and Weitou Women ( Gender Salon Workshops )Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts

2022-12-03 ( 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM )
2023-01-07 ( 4:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM )
HKD 100 ( per adult )*

Gender Salon, the centre stage of Tai Kwun Heritage Department’s “Gender and Space” exhibition, invites visitors to participate in dialogues and workshops for completing the narratives and experiences. Visitors are encouraged to reflect on their gender roles and identities in today’s society.

Hakka and Weitou women are busy with farming and taking care of their families. In addition to that, the women have skilled hands to make traditional “fa tai” ( 花帶 ), or “patterned bands”, an intricately patterned handcrafts, to decorate their hats and aprons.

Lung Yeuk Tau is a village full of local culture and history. Caritas Community Development Project has been serving the village for three decades. It has worked closely with the villagers to explore and promote the village’s traditions. The craftmenship of weaving patterned bands is still remembered by the Hakka old ladies in the village. Caritas has documented this technique and complied it into All Weaves in my Heart. Details can be found in 拾圍安歌 Yesterday Once More Facebook / Instagram.

This workshop invites participants to experience the way to weave traditional “patterned bands”. It is hoped that participants will enjoy the fun of weaving and be motivated to conserve this intangible cultural heritage.

The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.


• Workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.