French May Arts Festival 2023: Theatre workshop by Marion BottollierFrench May Arts Festival


Discover the power of emotions on stage! Each emotion triggers a unique thought process, and our experiences are shaped by the emotions we feel in our own time and place. This workshop delves deeply into the art of expressing emotions on stage, exploring how actors, actresses, and art enthusiasts in Hong Kong approach the communication of emotions. Drawing on Marion Bottollier, our instructor’s experience working in Thailand, she examine the differences in emotional reactions between French and Thai actors, with the Thai actors displaying a more explosive response from coldness. What can Hong Kong actors and audiences learn from French emotional performance techniques? To explore this further, this workshop will delve into a European myth and its resonance in our daily lives, such as the story of Circe, as depicted in the novel by acclaimed American author, Madelyne Miller.


- The programme is approximately two hours
- The programme is conducted in English

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