The stories behind art book publishers – A dialogue between Germany and Hong KongGoethe-Institut Hongkong

2023-06-09 ( 7:00 PM ~ 8:30 PM )
HKD 60

What is an art book? Is it simply an expensive, extravagant coffee table book? Is it a printed exhibition catalogue that one can buy at galleries? Are there more to explore behind each exquisitely printed art book? For example, what is it like to work in an art book publishing house? How do you work with the most creative minds from different art fields? What is the division of labor between editorial, production and sales & marketing like? What are the challenges lying all along the road and ahead?

On 9th June, we are happy to have Frankie Ho, the retail director of TASCHEN, a leading art-book publisher from Germany, and Mary Chan, the founder of MCCM Creations, an art-book publisher in Hong Kong, to share their perspective and insight after working in the field for more than twenty years.


Conducted in English

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