Mental Health Charity Film FestivalReSource The Counselling Centre

Public Screening - "On Happiness Road"
2023-11-25 ( 2:00 PM ~ 4:20 PM )
HKD 200
VIP Screening - "Stronger"
2023-11-25 ( 4:30 PM ~ 7:05 PM )
HKD 500

Sometimes, movies have a powerful way of reaching into our hearts and resonating with us. A character's struggle might mirror our own, their joy might remind us of our happiest moments, and their sorrow might echo our deepest heartaches.

ReSource The Counselling Centre will hold the first Mental Health Charity Film Festival with the theme of “See the light of life” on November the 25th (Saturday) aiming to raise public awareness on mental health. This festival is also a fundraising event. All donations raised will directly support ReSource in providing counseling services to our beneficiaries. Your participation will help make mental health services accessible to those in need.

The festival will feature two insightful films: the award-winning animation "On Happiness Road" and "Stronger," a deeply moving film based on the true story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. One of the festival's highlights will be our "Conversation with Counsellors" sessions after each film. These sessions foster dialogue with the audience on mental health themes depicted in the films such as pursue of happiness and post-traumatic growth.

Public Charity Screening - "On Happiness Road"
Language: Mandarin (with Chinese and English subtitles)
Sypnosis :Chi moved to Happiness Road with her family at the age of six. Chi worked hard, fulfilled expectations from her parents and earned her American dream - yet she feels stuck in life. Following her grandmother’s passing, Chi returns to her family on Happiness Road, where she begins to feel nostalgic about childhood and starts to contemplate the meaning of ‘’life’’ and ‘’home’’. The film was nominated in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Tokyo Anime Awards Festival and won several titles. Set in Taiwan, the film is a coming-of-age story told with much heart about nostalgia, growing up, adulthood and self-identify.

VIP Charity Screening - "Stronger"
Language: English ( with Chinese and English subtitles )
Sypnosis :Stronger is a biographical drama based on true events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The film follows Jeff Bauman, a victim of the bombing who loses his legs as a result. Bauman helps the police track down one of the perpetrators, while struggling to recover from devastating trauma. Bauman’s perseverance through physical and mental hardship, along with the humanity embodied by those around him, is a striking testament and an inspiration to us. We all have the potential to be ‘stronger’.


- A 30-minute post-film sharing session led by ReSource counsellors
There will be a sharing session after the screening of each movie. From the professional perspective, our counsellors will discuss with the audiences different issues addressed in movies, such as the pursuit of happiness and self-worth; how can clients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their families face and overcome the pain of it etc.