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Tai Kwun Circus Plays: "New Boom In Circus"Tai Kwun

Creation and Performance
Creation and Performance
Creation and Performance
2023-12-23 ( 7:00 PM ~ 8:15 PM )
2023-12-24 ~ 12-26 ( 4:00 PM ~ 5:15 PM )
HKD 220

In New Boom In Circus, we are to discover local circus artists with unique potential – they are invited to come to Tai Kwun for a brand new performing experience of theatre productions.

This year, New Boom In Circus will have two performance units - Rare Circus and Dennis Law. Since Rare Circus was established in 2021 by Huang Ho Yin and Ho Ho Yeung, the two have been practising with a focus on diabolo and crystal ball respectively. In their over ten years of experience, they have come to realise that there is more than one way to perform with a prop and each prop carries its own set of symbolic languages. With such understanding, their performance this time will be a duo - a dialogue between the two and at the same time a dialogue between props and them.

Dennis started practising magic from secondary school and has been exploring different performing arts including martial arts, juggling, dance, physical theatre, clowning and puppet. His performance this year is ball juggling in the combined form of magic and acrobatics playing with physical possibilities of a ball.

Two individuals, one relationship;
Subject to respective ways of thinking, prejudices, principles and weaknesses;
In the process of communication, is there a way to reach consensus?
Or this will lead to more possibilities?
Rare Circus will lead the audience to exploring tacit understanding and dramas between their bodies and juggling props.

Magic and juggling, so much alike yet so different by nature.
Combining the two in juggling and showcasing all possibilities around the theme, Dennis Law explores an interesting way of playing with props, which is both magical and acrobatic but at the same time not completely fitting the definition of either one of them, creating a specious performance that keeps you wondering.

*2023-12-24 with post-talk


- No latecomers will be admitted
- Recommended for ages 6 and above
- Limited offer for all discount types
- Tai Kwun reserves the right to assign seats
- Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

Production / Artist
PresenterTai Kwun
DramaturgChen Hsingho
Creation and PerformanceDennis Law
Creation and PerformanceCharles Huang@Rare Circus
 Ho Ho Yeung@Rare Circus