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Tai Kwun Circus Plays: "The Receptionists"Kallo Collective

2023-12-15 ~ 12-17 ( 7:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM )
2023-12-16 ~ 12-17 ( 4:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM )
HKD 220

Inga and Kristiina are the receptionists of a “five-star” hotel. As two professionals in the hospitality industry, they look alike, speak multiple languages, have a witty sense and work with superior efficiency, but only if guests are here to notice…

Facing monotonous days with no guests they can serve, the two begin to invent a series of hilarious and crazy simulated hospitality scenarios. In a small reception area with a table, they give it their all and “deliver” five-star customer service through a performance of wonderful acts including clown performance, dance, mime and physical theatre. Inga and Krsitiina guarantee guests of all ages a reviving “customer service” experience.

Kallo Collective is an award-winning ever-expanding physical theatre and contemporary circus company. The Receptionists premiered in 2017 and has toured Finland, Andorra, the Czech Republic, the UK and Norway. Through performances with visual effects and humorous physical moves, the team adheres to its philosophy, focusing on non-verbal tour-ready productions with comedy as their core and producing many works suitable for all ages.

" zany as any we have seen here in decades" - The Dominion Post ( NZ )


- Approximately 55 mins without intermission
- No latecomers will be admitted
- Recommended for ages 6 and above
- Limited offer for all discount types
- Tai Kwun reserves the right to assign seats
- Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

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