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Vox Vanguard x Fringe Club Collaborative ExperienceFringe Club

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2024-03-01 ( 8:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM )
HKD 480
HKD 336 ( Fringe members )
( includes one drink )
* Only available to aged 18 and above
2024-03-02 ( 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM )
HKD 380
HKD 266 ( Fringe members )
( All ages welcome )

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as Vox Vanguard and the Fringe Club present a captivating performance of Mussorgsky's masterwork, "Pictures at an Exhibition"

1 March, 2024 :
Vox Vanguard's pioneering Vision department, alongside collaborating future-tech partner, Shadow Factory, will project an in-the-round visualisation of Dr. Hsin-I Huang's rendition of Mussorgsky’s music. The projections will unveil intricate musical components - that musicians spend years of their lives studying - in a real-time, linear chronology. These visualisations will not only manifest captivating imagery, but allow audiences to intimately understand the musical performance with their eyes.

● Drinks Reception
● Live Performance - "Mussorgsky's Sonic Visions"
● Conversations with Vox Vanguard
● Post-performance mingling with the artists

2 March, 2024:
We invite you to step into LUCID WORLD ( TM ), an interactive demonstration of our newly launched Innovation Workshop, led by Matthew Tosca at Vox Academy. Together, we'll unravel the magic of music and experience how it comes to life in a captivating in-the-round performance by Dr. Hsin-I Huang's rendition of Mussorgsky's music.

● Interactive Workshop Demo by Vox Academy Founder ( Matthew Tosca )
● Live Performance - "Mussorgsky's Sonic Visions"
● Informal "Meet and Greet" with the artists


- Free Seating.

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