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"Retry Login"【SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts 2024】Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts

Concept, Text & Spatial Design
Deputy Spatial Design
Technical Manager
Music and Sound Design
Cantonese version
2024-04-13 ~ 04-14 , 04-20 ~ 04-21 , 04-27 ~ 04-28 ( 12:00 NN ~ 2:15 PM )
2024-04-15 ~ 04-18 , 04-22 ~ 04-25 ( 7:00 PM ~ 9:15 PM )
English version
2024-04-13 ~ 04-14 , 04-20 ~ 04-21 , 04-27 ~ 04-28 ( 4:30 PM ~ 6:45 PM )
HKD 320 ( bundle with Labyss )

Are conversations with a "real" person significant to you? Would you share a more authentic and intimate narrative with a digital being? Artificial Intelligence or chatbots are, if not already, poised to become our everyday companions and confidants. The future awaits where we might transition into one of them when our digital footprints serve as the blueprint for a virtual chat model.

These ideas are fully explored in the interactive installation Retry Login in which the audience is engaged in conversations with possibly other sentient beings or machine intelligence during a 45-minute session. Seated in an individually enclosed space, participants may choose to know the identity at the other end of the conversation eventually. With this fluidity and uncertainty, humanity is perceived in a different light as participants explore the ever-shifting notions of identity, self-awareness, choices, and making connections in this technological era.

Retry Login, part of the double bill with Labyss, is an innovative participatory theatre project helmed by transdisciplinary artist and curator Lo Wan Ki.

Retry Login and Labyss are presented as a double bill performance. Audience memebrs will experience the two works one after another. To accommodate different audiences, performances in both Cantonese and English are available.



- Duration: approximately 45 minutes
- This programme is offered in Cantonese or English versions with no surtitles
- Recommended for ages 10 and above
- Audience is advised to arrive 15 mins before the show starts; no latecomers will be admitted
- Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements

Production / Artist
Concept, Text & Spatial DesignWiki Lo
Deputy Spatial DesignSam Chan
Programme DesignErik Joeng
Technical ManagerLeung Tat-ming
Music and Sound DesignChar Leung