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「火柴盒日記」 The Matchbox Diary 好友音樂會International Youth Chamber Music

2024-08-25 ( 8:00 PM )
HKD 250 ( Adult )
HKD 225 ( Fringe members )
HKD 150 ( Student )
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Matchboxes – they are easily associated with the high and low buildings of a concrete jungle, the unique and distinctive designs, or the nostalgic and retro feeling of memories. "Matchbox Diary" is a memoir of different eras of Cantonese and Western pop music, letting music lovers share the platform for the "Matchbox Diary" series.

To promote and support the diversification of youth music, International Youth Chamber Music specially cooperates with "Chor4" again. "Chor4" was a guest performer at the "Under the Moon" Chamber Concert in October last year with exceptional feedback. They also represented International Youth Chamber Music on the fourth day ( 初四 ) of the Year of the Dragon to participate in the charity performance of visiting the elderly. On August 25th, the "Matchbox Diary Concert" will be held at the Dairy of Fringe Club. In addition to the wonderful songs brought by "Chor4", there are also support from old friends, friends and children who will play Cantonese and English pop music together. See you then!


- Free Seating.

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