Kitty Ng

Kitty has accomplished countless performances and love to traveled around the world with her saxophone. Kitty Ng graduated from the University of Arts London - MA, and was awarded the Royal School of Music Saxophone grade 8 and Trinity College Performance diploma with merit. She started learning music at primary school stage, and at the age of 13, she received several awards at inter school music competitions and played as soloists at different performances. From 2003 to 2004, she performed as a saxophone soloist for the Hong Kong Millenium Youth Orchestra MYO in Beijing and Hong Kong. Other awards that she received includes the 2003 Yamaha Winds Music Competition Solo Bronze Award, the Best Stage Performance Award and the 2005 Asian Beats Competition 1st runner-up. She later learned jazz music from Tim Wilson at APA Academy of Performing Arts, and jazz music theory from Tommy Ho.

Kitty Ng is active in various music performances. She has collaborated and recorded with many renowned musicians, pop singers and vocalists, and performed for film scorings. She has also accomplished solo recordings and performances for some commercials and music groups at venues ranging from Time square (HK) to various concert halls, and performed at different music festivals in Hong Kong, Beijing and Xiamen, as well as different stages in London.



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