Marloes van Houten

Marloes is a performing artist, researcher, movement educator, expressive arts trainer/coach ( and founder/art director of the arts for social transformation platform “Hearttohard”. In the Netherlands she graduated in Performing & Community Arts (BA), Visual Arts (PI certificate), International Development Studies (MSc. Honors), ‘Expressive Arts for Therapy and Education (Advanced Post-Master) and got several other certificates to teach all kinds of sport classes, power yoga, pilates, yogilates, body conditioning and more. She was also trained in non-violent communication, somatic & bodywork in relationships, and nature coaching.

While raised in the Netherlands she lived, did research, danced, and led projects in Eastern Europe, South Asia, Canada, Brasil, Mexico and Hong Kong, on civic education, peace building, movement and community art projects. Her recent choreographies and performances include a multi-media solo performance “silence and solitude” (2014), a dance video project “Next Step”(2014), a solo dance performance with live musicians “Home” (2014), and a dance poet assignment “De Dansende Huisdichter” (2014), a dancing/acting role in the Japanese- Cantonese production “The Second Tower of Babel” (2014,

Marloes currently works at Lingnan University to teach and obtain her Phd degree and is involved in the Hong Kong art scene. She also initiated a three year (2014-2017) art research cum exchange including Hong Kong and Netherlands with the theme “Transformation – in search for authenticity”. See, in the project Marloes functions in an overseeing role and will be a dancer, movement researcher, workshop leader and choreographer. The production Forge Portmanteau is part of the HK-NL art exchange project.

(Source: Centre for Community Cultural Development)

Art Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Poet
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