Singchronizers is a choir formed by a group of experienced and passionate young choristers. As students from the same secondary school, St. Paul’s Co-educational College, music has always been an irreplaceable part of our lives. School choir was the place where we grew, we shared and made good friends; and even though many of us have already left our second home, deep within us we all missed the time when we made wonderful music together. In 2006, we decided to come together to sing again, marking the beginning of Singchronizers.

By forming Singchronizers, we wish to provide a platform for once departed friends to sing together again. It is not only about enjoying the process of making music, but also to share our love, our hopes and our dreams of music to the public. Moreover, it serves to provide a little resting place for our friends to get away from their hectic work and studies, and to be pampered by soothing music and loving old pals.

Singchronizers is interested in a wide range of songs including classical choral music, jazz, Negro Spirituals, theatre music, folk songs. We also arrange different types of music including pop songs into choral pieces. Pieces we have performed include Vivaldi’s Gloria, Elgar’s “The Snow”, Lin Sheng-shih’s “Ni de Meng” (“Your Dream”) and “Chim Chim Che-ree” from Mary Poppins.

Since its establishment, Singchronizers has participated in various competitions such as the 2006 Hong Kong International Youth and Children’s Choir Festival and Hong Kong Youth Singing Festival 2006 with excellent results. Last August we were invited by Ms Nancy Loo to perform on RTHK Radio Four programme “Belle Nuit”. Our group also took part in functions including RTHK Radio Four live programme “Seasons Greetings in the Park” on Christmas Eve in 2006 and Christmas carolling in Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre.

Early this year, we decided to undertake a challenge and fulfill our dream – to hold our own concert and to share our beloved music to the public. With this single goal in mind, we started from scratch and devoted ourselves to every bit of preparatory work. It has never been an easy job, especially when this is the very first time for many of us. Nevertheless we are proud to say that we have now overcome all the obstacles and come on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, please sit back and enjoy Singchronizers presenting to you the magic of choral music!

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