» HK » Music » PerformanceLa Petite Plays Gershwin

Date:2017.10.6 (F)
Venue:Fringe Dairy

La Petite Jazzy Jam comes back to the Fringe Dairy with a whole new show celebrating one of the most prominent composers of the 20th century. The music of George Gershwin, and the lyrics of his brother Ira, dominated the musical scene of the 1920s and 30s, and left countless famous tunes and jazz standards for future generations to play and love.

La Petite, which has grown larger since the last time it played at the Fringe, is now a 10-piece jazz combo with a solid horn section. They’ll perform a selection of songs from this legendary composer, mixing his most famous titles with some lesser-known pieces.

Location / Time / Price
2017-10-06 ( 9:30 PM )
HKD 150 (預購 in advance)
HKD 150 (藝穗會會員 Fringe members)
HKD 180 (即日門票 On-the-day tickets)
 包一杯飲品 includes one standard drink