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Artistic Directors, Choreographers, Artistic Director
"Threshold - Egress"
2023-12-09 ( 3:00 PM )  
2023-12-09 ( 8:00 PM )  
2023-12-10 ( 3:00 PM )  
HKD 280 ( Original Price )*
"Threshold - Ingress"
2024-01-12 ( 8:00 PM )  
2024-01-13 ( 3:00 PM )  
2024-01-13 ( 8:00 PM )  
2024-01-14 ( 3:00 PM )  
HKD 250 ( Original Price )*

Passoverdance will present its annual highlight dance production "Threshold" in December this year and January next year, aiming to promote the art of dance performance in Hong Kong and foster cultural exchange through collaborations with international dance troupes and artists.

The first production, "Threshold - Egress," will collaborate with the renowned Norwegian dance company Nagelhus Schia Productions (NSP). It will feature two captivating works choreographed independently by Ms. Pewan Chow, Artistic Director of Passoverdance, and Norwegian choreographer Hege Haagenrud. These pieces will be performed by dancers from Hong Kong and Norway, showcasing the fusion of different cultures.

In January next year, "Threshold - Ingress," will present works by two young talented choreographers, Ms. Gabbie Chan, Associate Artistic Director of Passoverdance, and independent choreographer Ms. Dapheny Chen from Singapore. These works will showcase their unique creativity and artistic talent, offering the audience a fresh artistic experience.

To allow the audience to get closer to the artists and the production process, we have arranged open rehearsals, providing the public with the opportunity to have a close encounter and gain deeper insights into the dance rehearsal process. Additionally, we have invited Ms. Gabbie Chan and Ms. Dapheny Chen to conduct dance workshops, further enriching the experience, details will be announced later. It is a rare chance for you to interact with the artists and experience the cultural richness of the performing arts.

Starting now, purchasing a package ticket for both performances will entitle you to a discounted price and priority participation in the open rehearsals and workshops. This is a valuable opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself in the enchanting world of dance performance art.

We sincerely invite you to join us and experience the unique cultural creativity brought by "Threshold."


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Production / Artist
Presented byPassoverdance
"Threshold - Egress"
Artistic DirectorsPewan Chow( Hong Kong ) Passoverdance, Guro Nagelhus Schia ( Norway ) Nagelhus Schia Productions
ChoreographersPewan Chow ( Hong Kong ) Passoverdance, Hege Haagenrud ( Norway ) Nagelhus Schia Productions
DancersRain Chan, Summer Tai, Wong Sze-ling, Gigi Yang(Hong Kong) Passoverdance, Claire de Caluwe, Facundo Ebenegger, Andres Kjærland, Ingrid Schade(Norway) Nagelhus Schia Productions
"Threshold - Ingress"
Artistic DirectorPewan Chow  
ChoreographersGabbie Chan Hong Kong, Dapheny Chen  Singapore
*2023/24 The Arts Talents Internship Matching Programme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
"Threshold - Egress" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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