TheatrePerformanceTai Kwun

"Labyss"【SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts 2024】Siu Fung Production

Assistant Director and Adaptation, Cast
Cantonese version
2024-04-13 ~ 04-14 , 04-20 ~ 04-21 , 04-27 ~ 04-28 ( 12:00 NN ~ 2:15 PM )
2024-04-15 ~ 04-18 , 04-22 ~ 04-25 ( 7:00 PM ~ 9:15 PM )
English version
2024-04-13 ~ 04-14 , 04-20 ~ 04-21 , 04-27 ~ 04-28 ( 4:30 PM ~ 6:45 PM )
HKD 320 ( bundle with Retry Login )

Have you wondered if you are losing the ability to remember? How many phone numbers can you remember? How about which year what happened? We may soon forget important life events without help as digital devices and storage has become our memory and an online extension of our brain.
Coming to the rescue is Labyss, a fictive Danish startup that uses the latest technologies in algorithms and AI to revive and store your memories. You will be able to face old age confidently with memories well preserved. Your memories are your life--take care of them!

Combining humour and critical thinking, the interactive performance installation Labyss develops AI capable of storing your memories by means of a sensory experience. Through conversations guided by AI and questionnaires, memories from the audiences are harvested into the company cloud before being absorbed and regenerated into a strange emerging collective life form.

As part of the double bill with Retry Login, Labyss is a singular experience at the intersection of performing arts, scenic design and programming. Evoking humour and contemplation, Labyss investigates the increased algorithmization of life through cutting-edge technologies in algorithms and AI to revive and store your memories. Come and share your memories with Labyss before it is too late.

Labyss and Retry Login are presented as a double bill performance. Audience memebrs will experience the two works one after another. To accommodate different audiences, performances in both Cantonese and English are available.



- Duration: approximately 45 minutes
- This programme is offered in Cantonese or English versions with no surtitles
- Audience is required to sign a consent form for memory collection for the purpose of performance. The data will be erased within 30 days after the performance
- Recommended for ages 10 and above
- Audience is advised to arrive 15 mins before the show starts; no latecomers will be admitted
- Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements

Production / Artist
Text and DirectionKristian Husted, Kristian Byskov
Assistant Director and AdaptationVida Wu
Set DesignerAna Lumack
Composer and sound artistKristian Hverring
Original software programmingEsbern Torgaard Kaspersen and Kaspar AI
Creative PartnerThe Collective
[Cast Change] Marc Ngan is unable to take part in this performance and is replaced by Esther So. We apologised for the inconvenience caused.